Veer Chotrani Signs with JSW Sports: A New Chapter in Indian Squash

In an exciting development for the Indian sports community, JSW Sports has announced the signing of 22-year-old squash player Veer Chotrani. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Chotrani’s burgeoning career and further cements JSW Sports’ commitment to supporting emerging talent in various disciplines. As part of this association, JSW Sports will provide Chotrani with comprehensive support in development and training while also representing him commercially. Chotrani joins the ranks of elite athletes under JSW Sports, becoming the second squash player on their roster following the signing of Anahat Singh in November last year.

The Significance of the Partnership
The partnership with JSW Sports comes at a crucial juncture in Veer Chotrani’s career. Speaking about the collaboration, Chotrani expressed his excitement and optimism: “It’s an honour to be a JSW Sports athlete. Joining JSW Sports at this point in my career feels like perfect timing. Squash being a part of the Olympics is a major step towards the bright future of the sport and making it to the prestigious games is a major goal for me. With the support of JSW’s amazing coaches and staff, I am confident they will help me maximize my potential and achieve my long-term goals of making it to the LA 2028 Olympics and breaking into the top 50 of the PSA tour.”

Veer Chotrani: Rising Star in Squash
Early Beginnings and Inspiration
Veer Chotrani’s journey in squash began at a young age, inspired by his father, Manish Chotrani, a former two-time national squash champion. Taking up the sport at the age of six, Veer quickly showed promise, demonstrating the same passion and skill that made his father a champion. His early years were marked by rigorous training and participation in various national and international competitions, laying the foundation for a successful career.

Achievements and Milestones
Veer Chotrani has made impressive strides in his career, showcasing his talent on multiple platforms. One of his early significant achievements was winning the Asian Individual Juniors in Macau, China, in 2019. This victory was a testament to his growing prowess in the sport and set the stage for further accomplishments.

Chotrani’s success continued on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) Tour, where he secured multiple titles, including the PVD Squash RI Open 2023, Greenwich Open 2024, and QuantiFi LifeTime MetroWest 2023. These victories not only highlighted his skill and determination but also his ability to compete and win at the highest levels of the sport.

Transition to the USA and College Squash Success
In 2019, Veer Chotrani moved to the United States to pursue both his squash career and academic aspirations. Enrolling at Cornell University, he quickly made a mark in the highly competitive college squash circuit. In his freshman season, he was named Ivy League Rookie of the Year, a significant accolade that underscored his talent and potential. He also achieved a national ranking of 13th in the College Squash Association (CSA) individual rankings for the 2021-22 season, making him one of the top players in the collegiate circuit.

One of his most notable achievements at Cornell was becoming the first player from the university to reach the semifinals of the National Individual Championships since 2011. This accomplishment was a significant milestone for both Chotrani and Cornell, demonstrating his ability to excel in a highly competitive environment.

Culminating Success: National Champion and Skillman Award
Veer Chotrani’s college career culminated in a series of remarkable achievements in his final year. He became the first player from Cornell University to clinch the Men’s Squash National Champion title, a historic win that added a prestigious accolade to his name. Additionally, he was awarded the Skillman Award, the highest honour in men’s collegiate squash, recognizing his outstanding performance, sportsmanship, and contribution to the sport during the 2023/24 season.

JSW Sports’ Commitment to Excellence
JSW Sports has long been a supporter of squash and other sports, playing a pivotal role in nurturing and developing talent. Manisha Malhotra, head of sports excellence and scouting at JSW Sports, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership: “As supporters of squash for a long time, we are happy to support Veer in his journey. He has been making big strides for the last few years and now after his college career, he will focus on his PSA path and all of us at JSW Sports are excited to play our part in that journey.”

JSW Sports’ support will be instrumental in providing Chotrani with the necessary resources, training, and development opportunities to achieve his goals. The backing of such a prominent sports organization is expected to significantly boost his career prospects and help him realize his potential on the global stage.

Future Aspirations: LA 2028 Olympics and Beyond
Veer Chotrani has set ambitious goals for his future, with a particular focus on representing India at the LA 2028 Olympics. Squash’s inclusion in the Olympics presents a significant opportunity for athletes like Chotrani to showcase their talent on one of the biggest stages in sports. Additionally, he aims to break into the top 50 of the PSA tour, a goal that reflects his determination to be among the world’s elite squash players.

With the support of JSW Sports, Chotrani is well-positioned to pursue these aspirations. The comprehensive support system, including access to top coaches, training facilities, and commercial representation, will provide him with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

The Impact of JSW Sports on Indian Squash
JSW Sports’ involvement in Indian squash is not only beneficial for individual athletes like Veer Chotrani and Anahat Singh but also for the sport as a whole. By investing in promising talent and providing a platform for development, JSW Sports is contributing to the growth and recognition of squash in India. This support is crucial in creating a pipeline of skilled athletes who can compete internationally and bring accolades to the country.

The signing of Veer Chotrani by JSW Sports marks a significant development in the landscape of Indian squash. With a promising career ahead and the support of a leading sports organization, Chotrani is poised to achieve great success in the coming years. His journey from a young enthusiast inspired by his father’s legacy to a national champion and now a JSW Sports athlete is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication.

As he sets his sights on the LA 2028 Olympics and aims to break into the top 50 of the PSA tour, the support from JSW Sports will be invaluable in helping him realize his dreams. This partnership not only highlights the potential of individual athletes but also underscores the broader impact of organizations like JSW Sports in promoting and developing sports in India.

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