MotoGP Round in India: Clarifying Rumors and 2024 Plan

The world of motorsport has been abuzz with speculation following reports that Kazakhstan may replace India on the 2024 MotoGP calendar. However, promoters of the MotoGP round in India have come forward to dismiss these rumors, assuring fans that the race will indeed go on as scheduled. Let’s delve into the details, clarify the situation, and explore the future of MotoGP in India.

Dismissing Rumors: The Race Will Go On

Recent reports from leading motorsport website ‘Autosport’ suggested that Kazakhstan was poised to replace India on the 2024 MotoGP calendar due to alleged payment issues with local promoters Fairstreets Sports. However, CEO Pushkar Nath Srivastava of Fairstreets Sports has firmly refuted these claims, asserting that the race scheduled from September 20-22 remains a part of the MotoGP calendar. According to Srivastava, all contractual obligations will be met by June, ensuring the smooth execution of the event.

Despite the rumors circulating, the MotoGP website still lists India as part of the calendar, further affirming the commitment of the organizers to host the race. Srivastava has emphasized that these reports are mere speculations and assured fans that the race is very much on track.

Uttar Pradesh’s Role and Financial Support

Uttar Pradesh has played a crucial role in supporting the MotoGP round in India, providing financial assistance of Rs 18 crore for the inaugural edition. The state government is expected to play an even more active role in the staging of the second edition, with plans for a tripartite agreement involving the government, Fairstreets Sports, and MotoGP right holders Dorna.

However, due to the model code of conduct enforced during the general elections in India, the state government can only take action on the matter after the election results are declared on June 4. This delay in decision-making has contributed to the uncertainty surrounding the event, but organizers remain confident that all issues will be resolved in due time.

Looking Ahead: The Future of MotoGP in India

The MotoGP round in India holds significant importance for motorsport enthusiasts in the country, offering a platform for showcasing talent and fostering the growth of the sport. The success of the 2023 MotoGP round, won by Marco Bezzecchi, underscored the immense potential and popularity of motorsports in India.

With plans for the involvement of the Uttar Pradesh government and renewed commitments from local promoters, the future of MotoGP in India appears promising. The tripartite agreement between the government, Fairstreets Sports, and Dorna signals a collaborative effort to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the event.

Despite the challenges posed by financial and administrative hurdles, the passion and enthusiasm of fans, coupled with the determination of organizers, are poised to keep the MotoGP round in India on track for years to come. As preparations continue for the upcoming race, anticipation is high, and fans eagerly await another thrilling edition of MotoGP action on Indian soil.

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