EURO 2024 Predictions: Group Stage and Knockout Round Analysis

The anticipation for EURO 2024 is reaching fever pitch as football fans around the world gear up for one of the most exciting tournaments in recent history. With a mix of traditional powerhouses and emerging contenders, this year’s European Championship promises thrilling matches, stunning upsets, and memorable moments. Here, we delve into the group stage and knockout round predictions, along with insights into potential top scorers and standout players.

Group Stage Predictions
Group A
Teams: Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Scotland


Germany: As the host nation, Germany is expected to dominate this group. Their combination of experienced players and rising stars should see them through comfortably.
Switzerland: Known for their solid defense and tactical discipline, Switzerland is likely to secure the second spot.
Hungary: Despite recent improvements, Hungary will face stiff competition and may struggle to progress.
Scotland: While spirited, Scotland might find it challenging to advance past the group stage against stronger opponents.
Group B
Teams: Spain, Italy, Croatia, Albania


Spain: Spain’s technical prowess and depth in squad make them favorites to top this group.
Italy: The reigning European champions will be keen to defend their title, and their solid all-around game should see them through.
Croatia: With a talented midfield led by Luka Modric, Croatia will be competitive but might narrowly miss out.
Albania: Albania, while spirited, is unlikely to progress in such a tough group.
Group C
Teams: England, Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia


England: With a wealth of attacking options and a solid defense, England is poised to dominate this group.
Denmark: Denmark’s impressive form and cohesive unit should secure them a spot in the knockout stages.
Serbia: Serbia has the potential to cause upsets but might fall short in consistency.
Slovenia: Slovenia will be the underdogs and may struggle against stronger teams.
Group D
Teams: France, Netherlands, Poland, Austria


France: The favorites for the tournament, France’s depth and quality make them likely group winners.
Netherlands: The Dutch are expected to progress with their balanced squad.
Poland: Poland’s reliance on Robert Lewandowski may not be enough to secure advancement.
Austria: Austria will be competitive but might lack the firepower to progress.
Group E
Teams: Belgium, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania


Belgium: Despite an aging golden generation, Belgium’s talent should see them through.
Ukraine: Ukraine’s solid recent performances make them strong contenders for second place.
Slovakia: Slovakia will face a tough battle and might struggle to advance.
Romania: Romania, while competitive, may not have enough to progress.
Group F
Teams: Portugal, Turkiye, Czechia, Georgia


Portugal: With Cristiano Ronaldo and a mix of young talents, Portugal is expected to top the group.
Turkiye: Turkey’s resilience and recent form make them likely to advance.
Czechia: The Czechs will be competitive but might fall short.
Georgia: Georgia will be the underdogs and are unlikely to progress.
Knockout Round Predictions
Round of 16
Germany 2-1 Denmark: Germany’s experience and home advantage will see them edge past Denmark.
Switzerland 0-1 Italy: Italy’s defensive solidity will be key in a narrow win over Switzerland.
Spain 1-2 Hungary: In a surprising upset, Hungary’s resilience and counter-attacking play might shock Spain.
England 3-0 Poland: England’s attacking prowess will be too much for Poland.
Portugal 2-0 Serbia: Portugal’s quality will see them comfortably past Serbia.
Netherlands 1-2 Ukraine: Ukraine’s form and tactical discipline could see them upset the Dutch.
Belgium 2-2 (pens) Croatia: A thrilling match likely to be decided on penalties, with Croatia potentially edging it.
France 4-1 Turkiye: France’s firepower will overwhelm Turkey.
Germany 2-0 Hungary: Germany’s quality will see them past the surprise package Hungary.
Portugal 1-2 Ukraine: Ukraine’s momentum and tactical discipline might see them through against Portugal.
Belgium 1-2 France: France’s superior squad depth will be decisive against Belgium.
England 1-1 (pens) Italy: A classic encounter potentially decided on penalties, with Italy’s experience possibly giving them the edge.
Germany 2-1 Ukraine: Germany’s home advantage and quality should see them past a resilient Ukraine.
France 1-0 Italy: In a tightly contested match, France’s firepower might narrowly defeat Italy.
EURO 2024 Final Predictions
Third-Place Game

Ukraine 1-0 Italy: Ukraine’s remarkable run might see them secure third place with a narrow win over Italy.

Germany 1-3 France: In a thrilling final, France’s depth and attacking prowess might prove too much for Germany, securing them the EURO 2024 title.
EURO 2024 Odds and Key Players
Tournament Winner Odds (Provided by BetMGM)
England: +275
France: +350
Germany: +500
Spain: +800
Portugal: +800
Italy: +1600
Netherlands: +1800
Belgium: +1800
Croatia: +3300
Denmark: +4000
Switzerland: +5000
Austria: +5000
Turkiye: +5000
Serbia: +5000
Hungary: +8000
Scotland: +10000
Czechia: +10000
Poland: +10000
Ukraine: +10000
Romania: +15000
Slovenia: +20000
Albania: +30000
Slovakia: +30000
Georgia: +50000
Top Scorer Predictions
Kylian Mbappe: France’s star forward is expected to lead the scoring charts.
Harry Kane: England’s prolific striker will be key to their attacking success.
Kai Havertz: Germany’s versatile forward could shine on home soil.
Player of the Tournament Predictions
Kylian Mbappe: With his pace, skill, and finishing, Mbappe is likely to be the standout player.
Eduardo Camavinga: The young French midfielder’s performances could earn him widespread acclaim.
Andriy Lunin: Ukraine’s goalkeeper might play a crucial role in their surprising run.
Team of the Tournament Predictions
Goalkeeper: Andriy Lunin
Defenders: William Saliba, Alessandro Bastoni, Antonio Rudiger
Midfielders: Eduardo Camavinga, Declan Rice, Nico Barella, Toni Kroos, Viktor Tsygankov
Forwards: Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe

EURO 2024 promises to be a spectacular tournament with thrilling matches, surprising upsets, and outstanding individual performances. With a blend of traditional powerhouses and dark horses, the competition is set to captivate football fans around the globe. Whether it’s the battle for the top scorer, the race for the Player of the Tournament, or the strategic brilliance in the knockout stages, EURO 2024 will undoubtedly deliver unforgettable moments in football history

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